What we’re noticing:

  • Perfect weather – cooler temperatures and regular rain have been the norm for a few weeks. This is perfect to help lawns recover from the drought, utilize our fertilizer and thrive, and for helping the seed we’ve been putting down germinate
  • Of note is that some of our service areas received about 4″ of rain in August and normal temperatures. 1″ of rain per week is the general average for our growing season. Instead we had well above average temperatures and achieved level 3 drought. These current conditions are not extraordinary producing extraordinary results. This, right now, is what our lawns would have looked like all year with normal weather conditions.

What we’re doing:

  • We’re finishing up our mid and late summer applications as well as our aeration and overseeding services.
  • Gearing up to switch to Fall applications consisting of the fast acting liquid winterizing fertilizer and very effect broadleaf weed control to go into 2023 in the best possible condition.

What you can be doing:

  • Keep an eye out for dry spots. There isn’t much rain in the forecast and we still have over a month of growing season left.
  • Water any seed that’s been applied to your lawn.
  • Mow regularly and as high as you can tolerate. Higher is healthier but with the cooler temps and regular rain we’ve had, the lawns will tolerate more manicured mowing heights. Just reduce height incrementally if you chose to go lower.