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Lawn Care Programs

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We’ll make your lawn the ENVY of the neighborhood

Lawn Care Program Options

Platinum Program

TEN services over six visits

“I want my lawn to improve radically! It may be weak or may be already amazing but it deserves all the right things to be better and better.

Seven Services over 4 visits

“I want my lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood. I don’t want any weeds and want dark green healthy grass.”

Premium Program

Condensed Program


Five services over three visits

“I want the lawn to be relatively green and weed free. It doesn’t need to be perfect though… I can tolerate a weed here and there and don’t need the greenest grass”

NOTE: No weed control or fertilizer will be applied between the June visit/applications and Fall application. There will be a larger than normal time gap for weeds to pop up and for the fertilizer to be depleted.

Lawn Care Program FAQ

What can I do to make my lawn look its best?2022-04-08T17:40:20-05:00

Our programs and typical weather will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood; guaranteed.  To take your lawn to the next level: Keep your mower blades sharp, mow as frequently as needed, and water as needed.  Click here for more details.

When can I mow?2022-04-08T17:39:47-05:00

It would be best to wait until the following day, but if necessary, wait a few hours.

What will I need to do after applications?2022-04-08T17:39:10-05:00

Not much! Regular rain is all it takes to activate our fertilizer. Do not run your sprinklers for at least a few hours after our visit. To maintain the effectiveness of our crabgrass preventer, please do not aerate or dethatch until August or September.

When will I see results?2022-04-08T17:38:44-05:00

Weeds will start wilting within a day or two and grass will start greening up a few days after watering/irrigation.   Weeds will be dead within a week and after two weeks, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood!

ProLawns Pledge

ProLawns will respond before the end of the following business day with an answer to your question or a resolution to any issue affecting your satisfaction. If the matter is not settled to your liking — you will be refunded for the lawn application that you aren’t pleased with.


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