What we’re noticing:

  • We tied the high temperature record yesterday 9/4/23 at 98* which was set in 1873… It’s been hot!
  • It’s very dry. Look at the geographic selectivity of our severe drought!
  • The bigger bummer is the only rain in the forecast is tonight, a 50/50 chance and not much in general. Hopefully by writing this mother nature decides to prove me wrong.
  • The last thing that we’re noticing that became very evident last week with the high overnight temps and lack of mowing is rust disease. This causes shoes and mower tires to get an orange dust. It is annoying but not damaging. It will go away this week with normal (actually below normal) overnight temperatures

What we’re doing:

  • This week is pretty standard; we’re doing Fall fertilizing and weed control applications and fitting in any late arrival aeration and seeding jobs.

What you can be doing:

    • We’ve posted and sent instructions many times but reach out if you’d like details
    • Take our watering learn and earn
    • Especially if you’ve seeded the late summer!