What we’re noticing:

  • We got some good rain but are a bit behind the calendar and behind average for the lawns. This is the weekend rain:

Below is a chart of where we’re at compared to normal weather. Two things to notice:

    1. That record breaking temperature week in mid-April is when a lot of people and the average weather says Spring started, but we immediately plunged below average after that with many over-night freezes. This re-set the “lawn start” of Spring.
    2. Moisture. We’re above average on precipitation but that is due to Snow. We are up nearly 100% from where we should be with snowfall since January 1st but are “only” ~30% higher on overall precipitation. That snowfall fell on frozen ground. That means we’re actually low on Spring rain – so important to our growing season. Let’s hope that turns around!
  • We’re noticing dandelions (NOT ON OUR PROPERTIES) but they came very aggressively this year. My personal theory is they had bumper crops the last two years and sowed their seeds very well. This spring: already low on moisture and high on temperature (both the early heat wave and the past week) which is what weeds love. They’re running with the conditions.
  • The last thing we’re noticing is our Golden Crown, or yellow grass tips, on some of our lawns from our Early Spring Fertilization which is exactly what we expect to see and like to see. That lawn is moments from being the envy of the neighborhood! More on this in the third section here; “what you can be doing”

What we’re doing:

  1. Wrapping up our Spring renovation and seeding jobs.
  2. Working to wrap up our Early Spring Applications. Although the lawns are about a week behind where they we’re last year; we know you’re antsy and are working on it :). We’ll wrap up 90% of the remainder this week and have a few left for next week.

What you can be doing:

  1. Know that we’re at a growing season precipitation deficit. It’s still very likely that is fleeting but there’s also a chance we could continue on this trend. No need for any action know but be aware 🙂
  2. Mow your lawn 😀 !!! 1) It needs it and 2) It will transform any “golden crown” lawn immediately. I mowed mine which was overgrown and had plenty of golden crown. These pictures are a couple hours apart. Mow off that yellow “overgrowth”