If you notice your grass tips yellowing after this visit, that’s ProLawns’ proprietary Golden Crown effect. That’s how you know our fertilizer is working. Just stick to your regular mowing schedule to cut off the tips, and enjoy your lush green grass.

Why does this happen?

The Golden Crown effect or Bronzing is caused by our liquid nitrogen fertilizer taking effect. Not every application includes this fertilizer in amounts that cause the effect.

Grass grows from it’s base, where the blade meets the soil and not from the tip of the blade like many plants. When our fast acting fertilizer starts to stimulate growth, the grass defers internal resources from the oldest part (the tip) to the growth area (the base). This causes the oldest part to yellow; in direct proportion to how much the grass has grown.

The overall appearance of Golden Crown will temporarily make the lawn look dry but after your first mowing (removing the majority of the yellow tips) the lawn will be very deep green and lush.

The two pictures below are taken one hour apart; before and after mowing

What effects the amount of the Golden Crown effect?

There are a few factors here:

Most clients may not notice any Golden Crown effect at all

What should you as the client do about the Golden Crown effect?

Just stick to your regular (weekly) mowing schedule. Within 10 days your lawn will be noticeably deeper and lusher green. That’s fast!

Why do some ProLawns applications cause this?

We’ve made the decision that the very temporary and non-damaging Golden Crown effect is well worth the long term health and appearance to your lawn. We use this fertilizer to either achieve rapid green-up and/or promote rapid nutrient intake for Fall root growth. Typically seen during our Spring and Fall applications. We can achieve these results while also controlling all the weeds in your lawn in one process. This keeps our labor costs down so we can keep your prices lower.

Basically with a very temporary dry appearance that most clients wont notice, you can have your cake and eat it to. Lush green and weed free grass.

We could control the weeds and significantly reduce the amount of fertilizer and eliminate the Golden Crown effect but your turf wouldn’t receive any significant nutrients. We believe in giving your the most possible value for your dollar. Let us know if you don’t think our strategy is the best, we’d love to hear! Admin@ProLawnsMN.com