What is Topdressing?

Topdressing is when a new layer of soil is added to an existing lawn. It is hopefully an organic soil/sand mix that is spread evenly then raked level. Many tons are used to topdress.

Does ProLawns offer this?

We do not do topdressing. We specialize in the technical biology of lawn care and do not have equipment to haul and apply soil.

Top dressing vs our soil improvement?

We do highly recommend our soil improvement application which CORRECTS existing soil and promotes turf biological health instead of putting a thin layer of good soil on top. This application will increase your turf’s heat and drought resistance. It stimulates lateral growth to help fill in bare areas and increases your turf’s ability to utilize all the nutrients that ProLawns has already applied. It makes your lawn greener and tougher. That’s not all! Organic material added along with slowly available nutrients… soil acidity balanced… and grass seed germination accelerated. Yes it pairs very well with overseeding!