What we’re noticing:

  • Lawns are in pretty good shape which common in the Spring time
  • We’ve had a very cool and slowww Spring so changes (green up and growth) haven’t been as dramatic as the have been in other years
  • Despite the cooler temps, broadleaf weeds are sure getting active
  • The below post copy is a bit humorous because we get asked every single year. What are these weeds?! We’ve never had them before…
    What’s pictured is grass. It’s healthy Kentucky Bluegrass that has gone to seed like it does every Spring 🙂

What we’re doing:

  1. Because of the broadleaf weed pressure this time of year, our programs consist of complete broadleaf weed control for the entire turf (not just spot treating like some other companies if they happen to notice weeds)
  2. Our second round of Crabgrass preventer is going down to complete our split application for improved control
  3. Our grub preventer is being applied to protect our lawns from Japanese Beetle grubs for the season
  4. Unless opted out, we’re also applying our very exclusive undesirable grass control that targets the crummier grasses in your lawn while leaving the lush deep green varieties of grass alone.
  5. Now that the natural Spring flush growth is about done, we’re putting down some premium granular fertilizer for your Premium Program clients to achieve and maintain a deep green color for June and July

What you can be doing:

  1. As we go into summer, plan to raise your mowing height. Higher grass = deeper roots = more robust grass = greener turf. With spring flush growth you can get away with cutting short and maintaining color and health but as things dry out and heat up, the lawn will suffer without a higher mowing height. How high should you mow? I personally have my mower set at the highest possible setting and have never ever EVER told a client to “mow shorter”. As high as you can go physically with the mower and personal preference-wise although if you have to ask me if your preference is too short, I guarantee I’ll say “yes”.
  2. We don’t need it now but we all know we sure did last summer and will need it at some point this summer. Start emotionally prepping to water your lawn.