What we’re noticing:

  • We’ve had plenty of heat and the lawns were starting show show a bit of stress
  • We had a bit of much needed rain last night that will quench the grass a bit
  • Above average temps will continue this week with a temperature break coming this weekend along with another chance of rain

What we’re doing:

  1. Although the high temperatures and lack of rain arrived a bit early this season, the applications we’re doing are the best possible things for our lawns:
    1. Slow release granular fertilizer packed with mirco-nutrients for turf health. This fertilizer is non-burning in any temperature and simply waits for the appropriate water/irrigation to activate
    2. Broadleaf weed control to get rid of those pests that take advantage of stressed turf and steal nutrients that should be for your grass
    3. 2nd Round of Crabgrass Preventer to head off the weedy grasses which love hot/dry conditions
    4. Undesirable grass control to improve the color and consistency of your grass
    5. Grub preventer to protect your lawn for when grubs are active in July and August
  2. How are we adjusting? We’re starting a bit earlier everyday to get done a bit earlier for two reasons:
    1. Being on the lawns at above 90* often causes heat-tracking
    2. It’s hot for us out there too!

What you can be doing:

  1. Continue mowing (or not mowing) according to our Special Weather Statement. Continue mowing as high as possible until we’re closer to normal temperatures AND have had significant rainfall.
  2. Evaluate the need to adjust your watering schedule. Use our new flow chart!