What we’re noticing:

  • Record setting dry conditions; This September (2022) was the driest September ever recorded for the Twin Cities (Source: National Weather Service Twin Cities)
    • This is since data was first recorded in 1871. It could be the driest September ever.
    • We had less than 1/4″ of rain all month. The 8th driest September in the last 151 years more than doubled the amount of rainfall we saw this year.
    • An average September would have had 3″ of rainfall putting us in a more than 2.75″ deficit on rainfall last month alone (which we went into in significant drought and deficit conditions)

What we’re doing:

  1. We’re wrapping up our Fall Applications (we’re sure there will be a few stragglers that we can’t get to this week due to leaves and we’ll try again next week)
  2. We’re being thankful that our clients have adopted appropriate mowing and watering this summer to compensate for the conditions we have.
    • The property on the left is just as weed free as the ProLawns property on the right which tells me they also use a lawn care company. ProLawns clients know how to mow and water 😎

What you can be doing:

  1. Water! Water your lawn and water your trees (watering the lawn under your trees accomplishes both!)
  2. We’ll send out a Mid-October guide to tucking in your lawn for the winter and hopefully by then we get some moisture.